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Signed Lunar Mysteries Paperback

Signed Lunar Mysteries Paperback


You don’t have to live on the moon to know all about its fascinating science and mysteries — get all the answers you seek, before the moon lights up the sky tonight!


A few years ago, a colorful totem pole was placed in the beautiful gardens of the National Library of Medicine.


It depicted the Algonquin myth of the Medicine Woman on the Moon.


Legend has it that this woman was a healer — so knowledgeable and well-versed in traditional medicine that she was able to heal most illnesses affecting her people.


However, she did not have all the answers, and this dilemma led her to a sacred place in the forest. She retreated to seek guidance from the Great Spirit.


That wasn’t all she wondered, though; the Medicine Woman wanted answers to many questions, including when the world would end.


The Great Spirit sent a Manitou (a spirit) to tell her she was seeking an answer to a question that was too dangerous to know.


She became desperate to know the answer, so she decided to go live on the Moon until her question was graced with a reply. The Great Spirit continues to withhold the truth from her, and you can see her to this day, sitting before a fire and weaving a headband. Her cat is combing her hair, cornmeal is cooking, behind her lays her walking stick.


Like the Medicine Woman on the Moon, you seek answers to the deepest questions posed by the Universe. Why do eclipses happen? What are the origins of the moon cycle names, and what do they tell us about the indigenous peoples who lived closely in sync with nature’s unwritten laws?


Think about the wise Medicine Woman and imagine her watching over you as you ponder whether you should buy this book. Unlike The Great Spirit keeping dangerous secrets from her, this book reveals all the mysteries behind the celestial entity orbiting the Earth.


You will receive your answers and identify the different moon phases, know the origin of their names, and solve the mystery behind the moon’s most stunning illusions!


Still, do lunar science and astronomy capture your curiosity to such an extent that lunar phenomena ignite your passion? Would you like to surprise others at your next get-together with secrets about the Earth’s moon?


Then you’ve come to the right place!


Consider this book a guide highlighting the moon’s cultural, historical, and scientific significance. It provides all the answers and explains complex phenomena in ways that are easy to understand.


Within its pages, you will discover:

  • The 8 phases of the moon and how to discover if the moon is waxing or waning.
  • The fascinating origin of the 12 moon names — the profound symbolism used across the cultures of the western and eastern hemispheres to reflect the natural world.
  • Compelling historical facts they never taught you in school — such as the Haudenosaunee people’s influence on the Constitution of the United States.
  • 3 optical illusions, including one promising theory that may explain the Supermoon!
  • The interwoven technicalities and ways to explain mystifying lunar events.
  • Incredible scientific curiosities like Rayleigh Scattering — why the Blood Moon appears red during a total lunar eclipse, and even why we have sunrises & sunsets!
  • The true illusions behind why lunar phenomena occur — plus how often they happen.
  • Natural mysteries that capture the imaginations of poets, musicians, and artists!

And so much more.


The moon has fascinated humanity’s cultural, artistic, musical, and scientific endeavors for centuries. It has been an infinite source of inspiration, fascination, and mystery.


If you are curious to understand why our cosmic companion has been such a captivating muse for so many millennia, then scroll upwards and click “Add to Cart” right now!


This listing is for a signed copy purchased through me instead of the unsigned book from Amazon! 

The QR code in the photos will take you to the link if you prefer an unsigned copy. The book itself and shipping is really what makes this so expensive; I'm not charging $25.52 for my signature lol


    This will indubitably be longer shipping than if you buy it straight from Amazon, especially since they're like, you know, one or two days... I'll have to order one first, sign it and then ship it to you! So make sure you have some time :) 


    My Lunar Mysteries Unveiled book is about 55 pages of content and maybe 80 pages total in length, yeek that bibliography though!

    It's a 5.5"x8.5"softcover in full color. 

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