11x14" Rotating Prints

11x14" Rotating Prints


This 25% off sale is for new first time customers/subscribers only! Thanks for shopping at my store and for subscribing to my time machine updates; rather, updates that are present when sent out which will become the past when you read them in the future! :)
These are two of my first release available prints~ All of my art can be viewed in their respective folders, but as of now, these two are the only ones available for purchase. Please leave me a request in the custom response field below for what you'd like to see available next!

NOTE: There will be 5 prints made of each ONLY. 

Please check the inventory for each print.


    These prints are sized 11x14" on weighted paper - glossy or matte? Each will be designated with the number print and a hand written signature!


    There will be no refunds or returns for these prints as they are printed to order. Your understanding and cooperation is much appreciated (:


    If it is bent or damaged, then of course I'll send you a new one - once you provide photo evidence of the damage. ;) 

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation, babes~!