This 25% off sale is for new first time customers/subscribers only! Thanks for shopping at my store and for subscribing to my time machine updates; rather, updates that are present when sent out which will become the past when you read them in the future! :)
Clearly there is an assortment of vertical prints to choose from! When you make your purchase, please select the one you would like;
(respectfully as the images show)

Space Octopus
Paradigm Peacock

Biomechanical Spirit Shark

Spirit of Suwannee

Genesis Moon

His Majesty


Wise Guardian

Hippie Love

Mystic Mischief

Stream State

OG Space Jelly

Elemental Flame
Chakra Creation

Copic Owl

Daedric Helmet

There will ONLY be 5 prints of each made total - NO MATTER WHAT SIZE; I will periodically send an email regarding the number of remaining prints until all five of each are gone!!

11x14" Traditional Prints

  • These prints are sized 11x14" on thick matte paper - any other sizes can be negotiated. Send me an email at with your request & I will create a coupon code specifically for your order, or I will create a new item with the new price if you've already ordered something. Thank you!