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2023 Moonology Calendar

2023 Moonology Calendar

$33.33 Regular Price
$26.00Sale Price

Are you interested in the MOON?! How about hyper colorful artwork?


If you answered yes to one or both of these questions... then 2023's calendar is for you!! 


Your Moonology calendar offers:

  • simplified reason for the name of each lunar cycle
  • noted blue moon
  • STUNNING psychadelic artwork every month
  • Pagan sabbats
  • federally recognized holidays


My deeper moon research is in Kindle form or paperback and can be found here on Amazon or take advantage of the QR code I made above:


Your researched moon book includes:


Identifying Moon Phases

Full Moon Name Origins

Annual Names Explained


Blue Moons


By purchasing this calendar, you will also receive a FREE copy of my e-book. :) If you would like a physical 6x9" paperback of the Guide to the Moon, you can order that by following the link provided ^above. (Note the paperback is NOT as thick as the mockup shows, it's 80 pages... heh)


Thank you so much for your commitment to repping the moon in 2023! Don't forget to share your immense satisfaction by following the QR code to my FB previewed above and also on my book listing!! 


    These calendars will NOT be shrink-wrapped individually. This is with the intention of protecting our earth mother over sleek packaging; my brand is hyper-focused on sustainability for the planet. When it comes to packaging, mother earth is the *highest priority* and I hope you feel the same way. (^-^)


    This calendar is 9x12" or 9x24" when opened. It has black wire coiling on the top horizontal edge and the finish is light gloss equivalent to most calendars; the cover and back page are a heavier weight than the inside pages.

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