Crystal Bracelets [7"- 7.25"]

Crystal Bracelets [7"- 7.25"]

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Earth Elements and Transcendent Creations are now teaming up! What should we call the collab... Transcendent Earth? Earth Creations? Transcendent Elements? Transcendent Earth Creations? What do you think? 


Regardless, Transcendent Creations now features Earth Elements here in the store! The stones are listed in each bracelet and these are pre-created and designed. We will provide a card describing all the stones and their energetic benefits. 

The stones are as follows...


7"-1: Crazy Lace Agate & Jade

7"-2: Mixed Stones 

7"-3: Tiger's Eye & Glass Beads

7"-4: Rhodonite, Korean Jade & Jade

7"-5: Glass Carnelian & Red Tiger's Eye

7"-6: Jade, Red Tiger's Eye, Mookaite & Elephant Jasper


7.25"-1: Howlite and Hematite

7.25"-2: Mixed Stones


An additional aspect that makes these bracelets so aligning is their easy to wear magnetic closures; no worries about using the little claw hooks. These will snap shut by themselves.

Truly your support is appreciated! And here is a little reminder...

The two most valuable things one can express are "Thank you" and "I love you." In ANY religious practice or belief system, Love and Gratitude power everything in our experience; there is no place for hatred. Our thoughts attract everything in our realities; "When we change the way we think, the things we look at change." -Wayne Dyer. 


Maybe one of these bracelets speak to you and of course, always stay radiant my earthling loves <3