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Signed Moonology Paperback

Signed Moonology Paperback


My VERY FIRST researched, written and published book is HERE! 


If you have not already done so, check it out! There is a Kindle version available if you prefer that method over physical books. 


I've cross-promoted my 2023 calendar inside the preface of the book. They are both related to the same subject... Moonology! Learn all about the moon with this beginner's guide and gain extensive information that you will not inside the calendar. :) 


Your researched non-fiction moon book includes:


Identifying Moon Phases

Full Moon Name Origins

Annual Names Explained


Blue Moons


This listing is for a signed copy purchased through me instead of the unsigned book from Amazon! 

The QR code in the photos will take you to the link if you prefer an unsigned copy. The book itself and shipping is really what makes this so expensive; I'm not charging 30$ for my signature lol


    This will indubitably be longer shipping than if you buy it straight from Amazon. I'll have to order one first, sign it and then ship it to you! So make sure you have some time :) 


    My Moonology book is a soft cover 80 page book sized 6x9" IN COLOR.

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