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Biomechanical Spirit Shark

Biomechanical Spirit Shark


The shark revealed itself to be one of my spirit animals in 2015. It came to me in a dream. I was swimming in the ocean and a monolithic shark approached me (in retrospect it must've been an ancient Megolodon). I think it was swimming above me and maybe something where I looked up and placed my hand near its snout.


I'll need to reference my dream journal from those years to find out the details of what happened in the dream... however; at the moment I've just relocated up the east coast and our POD hasn't arrived yet. 


I digress... after having that dream I knew the shark had come to me as a Spirit Animal and this work was produced after while I was in Costa Rica. Since I like to educate and provide information to people... Costa Rica means "Rich Coast" in Spanish. 


    Currently this poster is in a 23" x 29" frame, but the poster size is 22x28." It is printed on glossy paper. The weight is equivalent to a traditional poster. 


    This product will be mailed in a tube WITHOUT the frame since it would be much more expensive and it would 9.9/10 get broken in transit. Besides, wall posters don't usually have frames anyway. 

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