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The Adventure of a Lifetime (Intro)

Some annual cycles ago, this would've been your predictable earthling tale of a small human's affinity for the arts and natural gravity toward an artistic vocation. The time being now, as it always is, this faelien has got an extraordinary story far beyond the expected... and it's long.

If you know me, you already know what's coming.

Conversely, if you haven't heard my story... well, I've been told it's quite a miraculous one; by every sort of archetype along the way.

My earthling sim, that which is Alana Karma, had circled the sun 21 times. Those days could be summed up to living my best life; the most beautifully unique, full of irreplaceable experiences and absolutely amazing adventures within my grander journey. The thesis video on the homepage most accurately reflects how bright my fire was smoldering. After cultivating skills in the arts of body painting, tattooing, flowing with props, dancing with fire, flexibility and aerial silks... I was an entity of the circus. Some people are just alive, but I was LIVING. My life was beginning to ignite and I was loving it. All of Earth's gifts cap